SISU Institute

June 26, 2019

As of today, the Sisu Institute Society has closed its doors. Incorporated in 2011, Sisu Institute was a unique organization dedicated to providing communications and strategy support to organizations working to stop climate change. When invited, we also worked with First Nations.  We were never in the news nor on the stage. We chose, instead, to work behind the scenes and use our skills and resources to help others lead the way to a climate safe future.

In the last year our work has shifted. Executive Director Jen Lash began doing more consulting work which seemed inconsistent with the not for profit business model. As such, the Board chose to dissolve the organization and Jen has launched a for profit company called Sisu Consulting.

Why the same name? Sisu is a Finnish word meaning "perseverance in the face of adversity" and we feel this suits Jen perfectly. She will continue to share her years of experience and help others work towards a climate safe future with the same fierce determination but with a new business model.

Jen can be reached at JenLash [at]


The Sisu Institute Board of Directors

Jen Lash

Prior to establishing the Sisu Institute in 2011, Executive Director Jen Lash was a pioneer in the ocean conservation movement. She is the founder and served as the Executive Director of Living Oceans Society, the largest marine conservation organization in Canada from 1998 - 2011. In this capacity she successfully maintained the moratorium on offshore oil and gas, slowed the expansion of open net cage salmon farms, and spearheaded a world class agreement that restricts bottom trawling and protects cold water corals and deep water species in British Columbia. In 2011 she moved from protecting the ocean to working with communities, environmental groups, First Nations and others to find new and effective ways to stop runaway climate change.

She has explored the deep sea in a one-person submarine, skied in the best powder on Vancouver Island, and can often be found hiking the beaches and forests of coastal BC. She is the mother of two teenagers. Her dog Juno often joins in on conference calls.

...from Jen

Climate change poses a risk to the things that mean the most to me – my kids, communities like mine, the ocean, and our country. Doing my part to stop climate change is the best way I can make a difference and set Canada on a path to a healthy and vibrant future.

I am honoured to work with so many inspirational people across Canada.”


Jen Lash
SISU Institute
Box 375 Sointula, BC | Canada V0N 3E0

JenLash [@] | 250 974 8170